Greenways Committee

The Greenways & Trails Committee is working closely with St Johns County Parks & Recreation, National Park Service and Equestrian Land Conservation Resources to develop multi-use trails throughout the county which include trails for horses.



Reminder all events, improvements, and behind the scenes planning is 100% volunteer run.

Don’t be shy, no matter how big or small all task need to be completed. Please contact Council President Ali Smith to lend a helping hand.


Please go to for ongoing events, and
join the conversation on the St Johns County Horse Council FB page.


Feed and Fundraise!

Special Horse Organization Winners (S.H.O.W.) is a Southern States sponsored fund raising program. Many Horse Council members have been collecting Southern States and Legends feed proofs of purchase for (literally) years. At this point, we have over 600 coupons in just one container. I’m sure there are more out there looking for a place to land. The SJCHC qualifies as a participating organization. We get 25¢ for each proof of purchase. We need someone to be the contact person for the program. Let me know if you are interested.