July 18, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

P.O. BOX 538

GENERAL MEETING: July 18, 2017

Begin meeting: 6:00pm

President: Ali Smith
VP: Van Baker
Secretary: Tina Sommer

Treasurer: Donna Colee
General Checking: $10.658.86
Jean Romine Trust: $21,439.81
Total funds as of Feb 12, 2017: $32,098.67

Minutes from last meeting approved and filed

Terri spoke about the Jean Romine Trust. It was given to the SJCHC 2 years ago with the express intent that it be used to benefit our members. It has been used to start a scholarship fund that will benefit youth in our county who are going into an equine related career. We awarded a scholarship this year for a young person to attend the 4-H horsemanship school.

Van Baker read a complete list of all of our sponsors. Thank you to everyone who has supported the SJCHC over the years.

Committee Reports:

1. Equestrian Center updates: 4 outside stalls, judges stand, cavaletti’s, small announcement board between arenas, tractor, arena dragging implement, sprinklers, dressage arena.

2. SJCHC Updates:
a.Tina updated us on schooling jumping shows at the EC. Tira talked about the upcoming NEFL Pleasure Shows, Ali and Donna talked about Drum Runners and the Obstacle Challenges at the EC.

b. Donna spoke to remind us that any member can run or start a show or a clinic. Just bring a proposal to the Board for approval.

c. Terri- SJCHC Mission Statement: The Horse Council belongs to the members. The Board ensures that the property is protected and managed properly. The Horse Council is not about one particular discipline. Members are always welcome to come to Board meetings

3. Advisory Committee update- Terri talked about the Advisory Committee which is responsible for the over sight of scholarships, 4-H Sponsorship and other committees,

4. Mounted Archery- Sandy Stokey invited Kersten Prinz (please correct spelling!) to talk about mounted archery. Kersten shared her story about discovering this emerging sport and has agreed to work on setting up a clinic at the EC. Archers Point Stables in Ocala Ali and Kersten will work together to make that happen. Look for the Mounted Archery Association of America (M3) for more information.

5. Saltwater Show Series- Jenny and Carrie shared a power point presentation with us. Look up Saltwater Show Series on Facebook to see the FBLive recording of that presentation. Or look up SaltWaterShowSeries.com

6.SJCHC Trails Committee update- Linda Matzke, Julie Beezley, Mary Farr and Judy Simms. They spoke about the number of trails in SJC, how they are managed, the fight to get unpaved, multi-use trails to be developed in SJC and the supporters that they have found on the way. For more information and updates on what’s happening with SJC trails, see SJC Greenway Trails Coalition on FB

7. Open Discussion/Suggestions

a. Dressage Arena, Terri will put out a request for volunteers on FB to help set up the dressage arena.

b. Take your horses to the beach!! Beach passes are easy to get, go to http://www.co.st-johns.fl.us/HCP/Riding.aspx to learn how to get your beach pass and when and where horses are permitted at the beach.

c. Terri talked about the trail head that is being put in from the EC to the Yarborough track, which is 1103 acres that has been designated for recreational use with unpaved, multi-use trails throughout. Talk to Terri for more info

d. Ali announced- Memberships are now from Jan 1-Dec 31 of each year. A sheet with members emails and contact info was passed around for members to confirm their emails are correct and membership status and information is up to date.

Upcoming Events

a. August 5- Drum Runners
b. Sept 2 Drum Runners
c. Sept 30 NEFL Open Show
d. Oct. 7- Welaka Poker Ride (see flier on SJCHC website)
e. Oct 14 Obstacle Day
f. Oct 22- Cracker Day
g. Oct 1- Possible Ranch clinic
h. Dec 2- NEFL Championship Show

Adjourned 8:03PM

June 12, 2017 – Meeting Minutes


P.O. BOX 538


 BOARD MEETING: June 12, 2017

 Begin meeting: 6:35pm

 President: Ali Smith

VP: Van Baker

Secretary: Tina Sommer


Last meeting minutes will be emailed to council members

Greenways Trail Alliance update- Judy Simms, DEP, Florida Land Trust Coaches from Nease and PVHS are putting together a trail that will connect the hogh schools for XC teams, etc. DEP interested in putting in a bridge for the EC. We need maps of public lands trails to get on the City 10 YR plan and the State of Florida 5 YR plan. It is coming together! Applying to the ELCO USDA Achievement award for $$ to help with future.

Sponsorship Update: Feedin Time and Shelton- Time to renew!

Treasurer: Donna Colee
General Checking: $17, 138.92

Jean Romine Trust: $21,439.81

Total funds as of Feb 12, 2017: $38,578.73

Public Relations: Tira- nothing new

Ayren and Julie asking for support from SJCHC for trip to State Show July 12-16. Terri- In the past the Council has given a donation to help with costs. Van suggested having a 50/50 raffle and bake sale at the next Drum Runners (July 1 @ 5pm) SJCHC will consider matching what the kids make at the bake sale.


Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette- Open Show October (21 not good, same day as Cracker Day, another date will be chosen) and December 2. Start promoting show now!
  1. Poker Ride in the Fall; October 7th pending other scheduling- Terri.
  1. Drum Runners: May there were 29 tiders- $608 profit. June there were 41 riders $892 profit
  1. Schooling Jumping Show for the fall- Tina, contact Jaimee before next meeting. Update on Fund Jump day, possible two weeks prior to the show.
  1. Advisory Committee update- Terri- Scholarship program recipient broke her wrist. Committee is holding funds for her for next year, to be presented at the 4-H awards banquet.

6.Obstacle Day- October 14. Heather to run it. $10 to ride- no judge just to practice and play

  1. Starting a fun-jumping in the evenings? Tina will talk to Jaimee about colaborating


Judy Simms has collected $597.50 in Southern States coupons!! Keep clipping them!

Kristin Dunn has been using her Aetna Employee matching donation program… not sure if she means to be continuing to do so. Tina will ask her about it and thank her!

Schedule a General Meeting. Discuss starting an Education series and a Fun Night- Movie night, etc.

Christmas parade, Bev is planning on Angels this year.

EC Updates- 

  1. small announcement board- Beverly- Jaque is too busy- Bev will pay for materials and someone else can do it. Lance agreed to do it.
  2. Josh will be grooming arena on Fridays- will update at next meeting
  3. Judges stand needs a fold-down table, chairs and sun screens. Power to be added. Bev will pay for parts, Donna will get a bid for labor.
  4. BigSprinklers.com- buy it and try it? Bev just ordered some for her arena. She will review them and if she likes them she will order one for the EC for us to try.
  5. plaque for judges stand has been ordered- thank you Van!
  6. TR3 implement w/ profiler- Van moved to purchase, Tina 2nd total of $5700. It will be ordered


Adjourned 8:35 PM

January 9, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

St. John’s County Horse Council
P.O. Box 538
Hastings, FL 32145

BOARD MEETING: January 9, 2017

 Meeting Begin 6:33pm

President: Ali Smith
Vice President: Van Baker

Secretary: Tina Sommer

Minutes for last meeting approved and filed

Greenways Trail Alliance: Judy Simms, Mary Farr (via phone) Linda Matzke was not present. SJCHC community involvement is necessary to further our goals of keeping open space. See handouts for additional information and talking points. Board voted unanimously to give $500 to the GTA for the coming year. Greenways Symposium February 16 at BTHS Please come wearing a pink shirt!

Sponsorship update: Fast Horse Photography has renewed their sponsorship for 2017! Beverly would like to send a thank you card to Lily’s parents who have insisted that they do not want any public recognition.

Treasurer:  Donna Colee

General Checking: $14,725.40 ($800 outstanding) $13,925.40
Jean Romine Trust: $21,439.81

Total Funds: $36,165.21

PR: Tira- events are updated on the website-need maintenance- there is a new tab “in the press” for news articles. Tira needs info on UNF show, Jumping shows and Horseination show. (we gave her dates and info for those)

Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette- Dream Catcher Open Show NE FL dates for next year. Need to decide on dates. She is coordinating with Jaimee Hartley who has all of the area show schedules. Ali asked Bridgette to run the SJCHC Open Pleasure show in April. We voted to pay Bridgette $200 or 10% of proceeds, whichever is greater. Discussion ensued about getting a second PA system for the SJCHC. If Drum Runners is using the PA system every 1st Saturday that limits our schedule. Can we get WIFI at the EC? Bridgette suggested the need for a software system that can help to organize and streamline admin for shows. Tira-Can we register through the website? Tina has researched and come up with a website that offers that service. I will forward the email that I received to the council for review.
  1. Poker Ride in Spring? March 11th – will be smaller than the fall Poker ride. 50/50 and small raffle. Donna asked about the fees that Welaka is charging. SJCHC has donated a lot of time to the maintenance of the facilities. Judy will email Terri a list of what we have donated and Terri will talk to the Welaka main office.
  2. Drum Runners- 1/7/17- net profit $950.
    Drum Runners Sponsors: Fast Horse Photography, Pirate Museum/Colonial Quarters, Smart Storage Solutions, Kelly Tires.
  1. UNF Equestrian Team to use EC for intercollegiate horse show on January 20-21. Ali talked to James about dragging, watering and box-blading arenas to help the footing.
    Closed College Show. We need some repairs done before the show. Boards repaired and painted in the arenas, stalls painted. Ali suggested hiring someone at $10 per hour to update the arena, Judi made motion, Bev 2nd. Alil will hire someone to get the work done before the 20th.
  1. Obstacle Challenge in the Fall- Ali has confirmed that Holly will do one in the fall.
  1. Advisory Committee- Julie Beezley has sent information out “everywhere”. Tira put it up on the SJCHC website with criteria- Terri will get in touch with Geralyn at the 4-H office to have information at the 4-H Expo in May.
  1. April Show- April 22. Bridgette will run, see previous notes in section 1.
  1. Horseination Fun Show, Date has changed to March 18th.
  1. Email members- memberships due Jan 1, 2017. Nominating committee- Terri will get in touch with the committee and update the board.
  2. There are still 2 SJCHC FB pages- Terri will delete one.


  1. Small Announcement board- Beverly will have it up before January 20 for the UNF show.
  2. Spray stalls, also before UNF show. Will be done by hiree.
  3. FPL Dusk til Dawn lights have been installed- 3 lights down the middle of the two arenas.
  4. Fencing to be fixed before UNF show. James dumped the shavings bin (Thank you James!)
  5. Creeping Indigo update- County has gotten a quote of $1200 to have the EC sprayed. Once time… will this be effective? Parks & Rec needs to stop cutting it!! Ali will call Eddie to discuss. Beverly said Bruce from Diamond R says its not very difficult to get rid of- call them? Ali- County won’t let us.

Upcoming Events:
Jan 21- UNF Horse Show

Feb 4- Drum Runners #2

Feb 4- 4-H barn bash- Janet to bring 2 cakes to donate for cake walk- Tina will attend as SJCHC rep

Feb 25- Open Jumping Schooling Show

March 4- Drum Runners #4

March 11- SJCHC Poker Ride

March 18- Horseination Fun Show



Meeting Adjourned 8:12pm

April 10, 2017 – Meeting Minutes


P.O. BOX 538


 BOARD MEETING: April 10, 2017


Begin meeting: 6:30pm

 President: Ali Smith

VP: Van Baker

Secretary: Tina Sommer

Last meeting minutes approved

Greenways Trail Alliance update- Judy Simms, Mary Farr, Linda Matzke- Flier was distributed to members with updates

Sponsorship Update: No update

Treasurer: Donna Colee
General Checking: $18,776.40

Jean Romine Trust: $21,439.81

Total funds as of Feb 12, 2017: $40,216.21

Public Relations: Tira-Needs minutes emailed. Website is up to date for May

 Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette-SJCHC Open Show April 8. We made $2386. Plus 18 new memberships. There were 59 registrations. Everyone loved the judge.
    Thoughts for future shows: Power issue, Ali will talk to Eddie about it. Do we need to post speed limit signs? Parents were speeding around the grounds. Coggins checkers need to tell drivers to watch for children and horses. Maybe a cone or yellow flag holder (the little man holding a flag) to help people remember to drive slow.”Loading/Unloading” signs needed for the front and back of the barn. Judy motioned, Donna seconded. Signs will be ordered.
  2. Poker Ride in the Spring; March 11- Terri. Updated at last meeting
  1. Drum Runners:April 1, 2017. 31 riders, 11 jackpot riders $728 profit. It may be time to change the start time. Consider a different time as we come to the end of the school year.
  1. Schooling Jumping Show April 29- Bridgette is doing concessions?
  1. Advisory Committee update- Terri- UF Horsemanship School Scholarship- Terri handed out fliers at the 4-H Expo
  1. Easter Parade committee- Van. Need a pick up truck- putting hay bales in the bed of the truck for kids to sit on- Van will check to make sure that’s ok. How will the horse statue be secured? Lance will screw feet & cross brace with rope. Everything will be on on Thursday to see how it looks.
  1. Horseination fun show-March 18. It was fun! Suggestions for future shows: Separate adults and kids. Advertise earlier
  1. Frank Butler signs. Ali- no update. Someone needs to go check them.
  1. Bike Fest volunteers: March 23 at the EC to hand out water/snack food There was a steady flow of people. $70 in tip jar
  1. Open discussion/suggestions

Greenway Trails Committee money that is donated to them goes into a bank account. Donna received a $200 check from Bike Fest for GTC she will give it to Mary Farr

Donna is generating email lists from membership list and adding to it as people join- removing people manually as they request it or their email fails.

Constant Contact may have a discount for non-profits- Make PayPal the east way to renew membership? PP charges fees- Donna still needs to enter personal info and email, etc. so PP is not a great solution.

Power plug at the bottom of the telephone pole by the judges stand, we need to bring power to the judges stand: 2 4-outlet boxes, 1 outlet halfway down arena then to other arena, 2 outlet plug halfway down

People who want to solicit business at a show are welcome to rent a table and sit there where people can approach them. People are not permitted to solicit at the registration table or on the grounds in general.

Arena- Box blade is good, Ali’s DJ Reveal is only useable by a tractor that has hydraulic capabilities. She can use it for the fairgrounds, but not able to use it for the EC. TR3 is simpler and able to be used by our tractor only $4000.

Sprinklers- need to be ordered

Had a nice visit from Steven Terrel who is the resident Officer at the EC. (904) 891-8677 if anyone needs him while on the grounds

EC Updates-

 small announcement board- Beverly- not present

  1. Josh will be grooming arena on Fridays- $120 per month
  2. Judges stand needs a fold-down table, chairs and sun screens. Power to be added Ali will call county and get bids to add power
  3. BigSprinklers.com- buy it and try it? Being ordered
  4. EC as a layover location for travelers? $10 per person per night

future discussion- t-shirts? What on the back?

Adjourned 9:04PM

July 20, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

St Johns County Horse Council, INC.
PO Box 538
Hastings, FL 32145

Meeting Begins: 6:32PM

 No meeting minutes from last meeting, Tina was not in attendance.

Greenways Trail Committee: meeting at Pedro Menedez High School on July 13, 2016 at 6:30. BRING FRIENDS! Wear pink shirts. Meeting will be about preserving and maintaining greenways in SJC.

Pasture Management clinic: 1st speaker was too technical, 2nd speaker was good. There is an article coming out in the local paper (St. Augustine Record)

Sponsorship update: Shelton, Feedin’ Time and Fast Horse Photography. No new sponsors. Feedin Time sign is up on the board. Beverly wants to change the signs to have velcro on the back for easy positioning and removal.

Treasurer: General Checking Account Balance: $14,027.56
Jean Romine Trust:                              21,439.81
Total Funds as of May 9, 2016:          49,494.93

Website: IS LIVE! Working on getting the calendar up so that “rolling dates” works. Some tabs need to be updated. Tira has stepped up to help Donna with the website.

Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette- Dream Catchers open show Sept, 17 & Nov. 5. NE FL Open Show sponsored by SJCHC. Ranch Horse Intro training July 29 5-8PM and July 30, 8-11am. Day 1 will cover roping from the ground, Day 2 bring your horse. Hoping to appeal to people to come to the show.
  2. Poker Ride: Nov. 12. Terri wants give-aways and raffle items. Bring donations to the EC or directly to a member of the board.
  3. Drum Runners net profit $521. 38 riders (on July 4th weekend!) start time 5:00pm in August & September
  4. Ancient City Drill Team. Meets at Star 4 Ranch on Thursdays at 7:00PM. Drill Team has been invited to ride at Cracker Day at lunchtime. Diane Musil will be sending logo ideas and designs for board approval.
  5. Obstacle Course Challenge. Donna has talked to Heather Eckland about running the challenge. September 24th. Needs help setting up the course. There are in-hand, under saddle or both options. $35 for one or the other $55 for both. Open for ideas to keep it inexpensive. Prizes? Volunteers rather than judges? Score cards? Any ideas can go to Donna. Tina has offered to be around to help people with specific problems after the challenge if needed.
  6. Goals for the next 12 months?
    Platform: County has reviewed the plans, we have to pay the county and the county will pay the contractor. We are going to say “these are out alloted funds for the platform” Ali is awaiting emails with bids so that she can bring the bids to the County office. One option discussed was building the platform on a trailer that would be towed in and out when needed.

Advisory Committee Meeting: No meeting. It will be rescheduled.

Equestrian Center Updates

  1. Bleacher backing is going to cost $800. Bleachers at EC are not backed yet. Original quote was $400. Now we are being told $800. Ali is waiting to talk to Eddie. Donna recommends calling the contractor that is supposed to be backing the bleachers and tell them that we are non-profit. The county is not asking for this.
  2. Little Announcement board moved by the county to the upper arena.
  3. Stalls built by Lance: complete except gates
  4. Spray Roundpen/stalls black when complete. Maybe in a month when it cools down and the wood has a chance to age a bit
  5. Creeping Indigo fairies at EC. Need to inspect. Every time the fairies come to see the CI the property has just been mowed.


Ranch Clinic 7/29-30/16
Drum Runners 1st Saturday of every month
Greenways meeting 7/13/16 WEAR PINK!!

NEXT BOARD MEETING: August 8, 2016

 Meeting adjourned: 8:04PM