July 20, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

St Johns County Horse Council, INC.
PO Box 538
Hastings, FL 32145

Meeting Begins: 6:32PM

 No meeting minutes from last meeting, Tina was not in attendance.

Greenways Trail Committee: meeting at Pedro Menedez High School on July 13, 2016 at 6:30. BRING FRIENDS! Wear pink shirts. Meeting will be about preserving and maintaining greenways in SJC.

Pasture Management clinic: 1st speaker was too technical, 2nd speaker was good. There is an article coming out in the local paper (St. Augustine Record)

Sponsorship update: Shelton, Feedin’ Time and Fast Horse Photography. No new sponsors. Feedin Time sign is up on the board. Beverly wants to change the signs to have velcro on the back for easy positioning and removal.

Treasurer: General Checking Account Balance: $14,027.56
Jean Romine Trust:                              21,439.81
Total Funds as of May 9, 2016:          49,494.93

Website: IS LIVE! Working on getting the calendar up so that “rolling dates” works. Some tabs need to be updated. Tira has stepped up to help Donna with the website.

Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette- Dream Catchers open show Sept, 17 & Nov. 5. NE FL Open Show sponsored by SJCHC. Ranch Horse Intro training July 29 5-8PM and July 30, 8-11am. Day 1 will cover roping from the ground, Day 2 bring your horse. Hoping to appeal to people to come to the show.
  2. Poker Ride: Nov. 12. Terri wants give-aways and raffle items. Bring donations to the EC or directly to a member of the board.
  3. Drum Runners net profit $521. 38 riders (on July 4th weekend!) start time 5:00pm in August & September
  4. Ancient City Drill Team. Meets at Star 4 Ranch on Thursdays at 7:00PM. Drill Team has been invited to ride at Cracker Day at lunchtime. Diane Musil will be sending logo ideas and designs for board approval.
  5. Obstacle Course Challenge. Donna has talked to Heather Eckland about running the challenge. September 24th. Needs help setting up the course. There are in-hand, under saddle or both options. $35 for one or the other $55 for both. Open for ideas to keep it inexpensive. Prizes? Volunteers rather than judges? Score cards? Any ideas can go to Donna. Tina has offered to be around to help people with specific problems after the challenge if needed.
  6. Goals for the next 12 months?
    Platform: County has reviewed the plans, we have to pay the county and the county will pay the contractor. We are going to say “these are out alloted funds for the platform” Ali is awaiting emails with bids so that she can bring the bids to the County office. One option discussed was building the platform on a trailer that would be towed in and out when needed.

Advisory Committee Meeting: No meeting. It will be rescheduled.

Equestrian Center Updates

  1. Bleacher backing is going to cost $800. Bleachers at EC are not backed yet. Original quote was $400. Now we are being told $800. Ali is waiting to talk to Eddie. Donna recommends calling the contractor that is supposed to be backing the bleachers and tell them that we are non-profit. The county is not asking for this.
  2. Little Announcement board moved by the county to the upper arena.
  3. Stalls built by Lance: complete except gates
  4. Spray Roundpen/stalls black when complete. Maybe in a month when it cools down and the wood has a chance to age a bit
  5. Creeping Indigo fairies at EC. Need to inspect. Every time the fairies come to see the CI the property has just been mowed.


Ranch Clinic 7/29-30/16
Drum Runners 1st Saturday of every month
Greenways meeting 7/13/16 WEAR PINK!!

NEXT BOARD MEETING: August 8, 2016

 Meeting adjourned: 8:04PM

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