April 10, 2017 – Meeting Minutes


P.O. BOX 538


 BOARD MEETING: April 10, 2017


Begin meeting: 6:30pm

 President: Ali Smith

VP: Van Baker

Secretary: Tina Sommer

Last meeting minutes approved

Greenways Trail Alliance update- Judy Simms, Mary Farr, Linda Matzke- Flier was distributed to members with updates

Sponsorship Update: No update

Treasurer: Donna Colee
General Checking: $18,776.40

Jean Romine Trust: $21,439.81

Total funds as of Feb 12, 2017: $40,216.21

Public Relations: Tira-Needs minutes emailed. Website is up to date for May

 Committee Reports:

  1. Bridgette-SJCHC Open Show April 8. We made $2386. Plus 18 new memberships. There were 59 registrations. Everyone loved the judge.
    Thoughts for future shows: Power issue, Ali will talk to Eddie about it. Do we need to post speed limit signs? Parents were speeding around the grounds. Coggins checkers need to tell drivers to watch for children and horses. Maybe a cone or yellow flag holder (the little man holding a flag) to help people remember to drive slow.”Loading/Unloading” signs needed for the front and back of the barn. Judy motioned, Donna seconded. Signs will be ordered.
  2. Poker Ride in the Spring; March 11- Terri. Updated at last meeting
  1. Drum Runners:April 1, 2017. 31 riders, 11 jackpot riders $728 profit. It may be time to change the start time. Consider a different time as we come to the end of the school year.
  1. Schooling Jumping Show April 29- Bridgette is doing concessions?
  1. Advisory Committee update- Terri- UF Horsemanship School Scholarship- Terri handed out fliers at the 4-H Expo
  1. Easter Parade committee- Van. Need a pick up truck- putting hay bales in the bed of the truck for kids to sit on- Van will check to make sure that’s ok. How will the horse statue be secured? Lance will screw feet & cross brace with rope. Everything will be on on Thursday to see how it looks.
  1. Horseination fun show-March 18. It was fun! Suggestions for future shows: Separate adults and kids. Advertise earlier
  1. Frank Butler signs. Ali- no update. Someone needs to go check them.
  1. Bike Fest volunteers: March 23 at the EC to hand out water/snack food There was a steady flow of people. $70 in tip jar
  1. Open discussion/suggestions

Greenway Trails Committee money that is donated to them goes into a bank account. Donna received a $200 check from Bike Fest for GTC she will give it to Mary Farr

Donna is generating email lists from membership list and adding to it as people join- removing people manually as they request it or their email fails.

Constant Contact may have a discount for non-profits- Make PayPal the east way to renew membership? PP charges fees- Donna still needs to enter personal info and email, etc. so PP is not a great solution.

Power plug at the bottom of the telephone pole by the judges stand, we need to bring power to the judges stand: 2 4-outlet boxes, 1 outlet halfway down arena then to other arena, 2 outlet plug halfway down

People who want to solicit business at a show are welcome to rent a table and sit there where people can approach them. People are not permitted to solicit at the registration table or on the grounds in general.

Arena- Box blade is good, Ali’s DJ Reveal is only useable by a tractor that has hydraulic capabilities. She can use it for the fairgrounds, but not able to use it for the EC. TR3 is simpler and able to be used by our tractor only $4000.

Sprinklers- need to be ordered

Had a nice visit from Steven Terrel who is the resident Officer at the EC. (904) 891-8677 if anyone needs him while on the grounds

EC Updates-

 small announcement board- Beverly- not present

  1. Josh will be grooming arena on Fridays- $120 per month
  2. Judges stand needs a fold-down table, chairs and sun screens. Power to be added Ali will call county and get bids to add power
  3. BigSprinklers.com- buy it and try it? Being ordered
  4. EC as a layover location for travelers? $10 per person per night

future discussion- t-shirts? What on the back?

Adjourned 9:04PM

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